Currently known Wedding Schedule

I haven’t slept much this weekend. I heard there was some confusion about the duration of my stay, along with interest in my schedule so here’s stuff excerpted from my notes. Some things are more certain than others. It is my goal to make my cellphone number available to everybody who doesn’t already have it, and encourage people to call me that weekend to make plans. I expect everything will be a jumbled mess and I’ll try to muddle through as best I can, with the aid of my trusty bridal party. My decision-making capacities tend to stall out when I’m under stress and trying to make a lot of people happy at once, but I’m sure it will end up working out. Just don’t be surprised if somebody other than me answers my phone.

May 20 (Official First Day In Vegas):
Pick up marriage license
Dinner/desserts with arrived wedding party, celebrate Michelle’s birthday

May 21:
Lunch with guests at Le Village Buffet (possibly?)
Pick up tuxes.
Possibly Bachlorette/Bachelor Dinners (invite wedding guests of appropriate side by announcing? maid of honor/best man knows more)

May 22:
Ceremony Rehearsal 10 AM
Brunch (wedding party)
Dinner with guests at another buffet (possibly)
KA (Cirque Show)

May 23:
Get married @ 1.
Late lunch at Aquaknox @ 2.
Drinks with guests.
Sneak off at 7.

May 24:
Early breakfast @?? (with any guests awake)
catch limo to airport at 9, plane to Paris.