On the Media Center Epic

The climb up Mount Doom was not without its sacrifices. The sound card needs to be woken up each time the computer reboots (a known issue awaiting a driver patch). The Media Center software sometimes stutters when playing or replaying television (though Windows Media Player is fine). Sometimes, the Windows Media Center loses track of the tv card.

It’s no Tivo.

But Kevin was up until 2:30 last night playing World of Warcraft on it. He’s got all his music on it and he used it in gaming last week. He’s installed Guild Wars and EVE, too. I think he likes it.

Blogreading tools

I’ve been faithfully using bloglines since I settled on it, but it’s been very static since then. Why yes, I do enjoy innovation. So, anyhow, I went to go take a look at the Google Reader tool. It’s still in beta but that’s hardly a concern.

It’s definitely a different interface from bloglines, while still having all the features I found important in a blogreading tool. It has a dynamic pane that reminds me some of a magnifying glass. Move the small box over the entry you want to read and it blows it up into the actual entry. There’s also a reading list feature that seems to be like the livejournal friends/newspaper method, only presenting the most recent posts. And of course, you can import an xml file containing all your subscriptions from another tool, which makes this much easier to test and play around with. I’ll have to see which one feels more user friendly.

I’m in hungry mood when it comes to new toys and new technology, it seems.