It turns out I really enjoy watching oth…

It turns out I really enjoy watching other people consume media. All the Reading Twilight and Reading Harry Potter stuff I’ve read in the last year has entertained me immeasurably. It’s like reading a novel in a genre so fixed that the plot is standardized and deriving all your pleasure from how exactly the protagonist deals with the plot.

I have also always enjoyed narrating my own reactions to what I’m consuming. Usually it’s written material, because I can take that at my own pace and when I pause to go OMG, nobody gets irritated at me. But hey, I’ve been watching anime alone, and doing the same thing, and I bet my housemates would appreciate it if I’d just write this stuff down rather than bug them. I’ve started writing down book reactions at Goodreads ( but my blog seems like the only option for non-book consumption.

I realize this won’t be appealing in the same way Reading Harry Potter or Reading Twilight or whatever is, because most of the stuff I’m watching is much more obscure. I’m sorry about that. But I really want to babble at somebody, even imaginary people.

I’m going to watch some Soul Eater! And then maybe some Bleach. (And knit/spin).

There will probably be spoilers.


Let’s see. I’m on Soul Eater Episode 19.
I’d paused it halfway through because I was so impressed that the characters had paused to discuss a solid plan of attack before leaping into the multi-episode fight I think is coming up. I was so amazed I had to tell somebody! Anybody! Hi, blog. Let’s go.

I still can’t get over what a serious badass a character named Dr. Franken Stein is. He has a bolt in his head. And yet somehow he’s cool.

Do American-made stories have the same trope of explaining the special moves and commentating the fight scenes that anime and manga seems to have? I guess I’ve seen it in comics as well.


Soul Eater Episode 20
OK, I had this episode spoiled for me so the reveal of Crona’s origin doesn’t shock me. I do find it fascinating how most of the juvenile characters have clear, unsubtle psychological issues. OCD, egomania, crippling social anxiety. Other things that are less clear, less treated, and more standard in anime, like cowardice, a tendency to go berserk, lecherousness, and others– but alongside the crazy OCD and social anxiety, suddenly you realize that none of the other stuff is healthy either, even if it’s trope-standard in anime.

Ok, the later stuff with Crona locked in a dark room repeatedly as a child is pretty heart-rending. And unlike most people beat up by partners in anime, the beatings she takes at the hands of her sword partner actually provoke cries of pain and begging. It’s disturbing because the art and animation is fairly standard for ‘humorous’ tsundere-style beatings but Crona’s weeping and begging is NOT.

But, oh yeah. This show is ABOUT madness. The kishin (or afreet– the subtitle changed the term a couple episodes back) brought madness to the world, and the DWMA exists to prevent such madness from occurring again. And Maka just embraced the black blood and madness to get a taste of Crona’s perspective…

I wonder if the demon-dwarf has a goal or really is just an avatar of madness. I’d forgotten how in the previous episode we heard about how the first kishin came to be: he was a powerful servant of death, afraid of everything, so afraid he devoured his weapon-partner. And he was imprisoned inside a bag made from his own skin.

This show is so much more impressive than its cute-goth stylings.

Soul Eater episode 21

Aww, the daddy in the show (the lecherous badass) is actually crying over how Crona’s mother treated him/her.

Okay, this episode was amazing, right down to the end credits. It is so amazing I don’t want to spoil it, except to say ‘wow’. It cut just close enough to home to make me feel uncomfortable, too.