I understand why people put quotes from songs and movies here.

I keep burning my arm on the oven.

I have a new dishwasher, which Kevin installed because Sears didn’t. Yay Kevin.

Work on TFN 2 goes Very Slowly.

We don’t have a Christmas tree yet. Christmas shopping goes apace. My family should give me a shout-out about what they want though, or they’ll get truly random things. I think I have ideas for most of my friends. Even Raymond.

I sleep, I clean, I work on creative projects. Sometimes I cook. I play with the pets. I play video games. Currently enjoying Ninety-nine Nights. I still spend too much time goofing off. It’s hard. I miss the ADD medication, it turns out. I don’t know if it would actually be helping but I do seem to lose a lot of time to random semi-productive tasks that nonetheless don’t need to be done NOW… but I do them anyhow.

I’ve been rereading various David Eddings novels. 4/5 of the Belgariad, and I just finished the Elenium. Encouragement for TFN 2, I suppose. Today I was thinking about horses in Ceria; their gaits and the injuries sustained by riders after unexpectedly long rides. In the Elenium, they apparently canter their horses all day. These are men in full armor, too. Hah hah hah. And the warhorse is faster than the palfrey. Time to break out Tough Guide to Fantasyland!
We’re recording Lost Room from the Scifi Channel but we haven’t watched it. I’m also enjoying reruns of Scrubs and am relatively current on My Name Is Earl.

Did I mention Dragon Naturally Speaking? I got that piece of software with my spare change jar, and finally the voice recorder Kevin gave me two years ago is getting adequate use; I can dictate into it and then Dragon Naturally Speaking (version 9) will transcribe it. It’s not perfect, of course, but I’m trying to teach myself how to write via dictation; it’ll be useful as my wrists get worse.