Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m busy making egg and flower-shaped cupcakes for a decorating party tomorrow. I slept all day, quite by accident. I slept on the couch last night.

When I just sat down to take a break, I could feel, um, my uterus, I guess.  At the bendy point. It was disturbing. Then I ended up looking at pregnancy photos on the web and now I’m a little more freaked out. “Oh my God is that going to happen to ME?” Some pictures were less terrifying than others. But… man. I’m going ‘uh-oh’ now. What the heck have I gotten myself into?

Merry Christmas!

Cathy, Kevin’s mom, is here for the holiday. She’s leaving before New Year’s, though. We decorated our artificial tree last night– Kevin finally gave in on the real tree issue because Raymond is allergic to tree sap. It looks very nice. I made cookie dough which I’ll probably bake half of today and half later in the year; I think Raymond likes those cookies.

I have been playing Disgaea and Kevin has been playing his early Christmas present a Nintendo DS. He also informed me that he was giving me a Wii for Christmas, just as soon as they were in stock somewhere.

Kevin’s insurance has changed and apparently they’ll cover Stratterra now. So I need to decide if I want to go back on it again. Long term, I would like to. But if I get pregnant, I’ll have to stop again, and, well, theoretically it could happen at any time. And yes, pregnancy is something I kind of have issues about, but Kevin and I want the end result so I guess I’ve got to suck it up and cope. Well, I hope I have to suck it up and cope. I’ve read enough infertility stories to not want to go there. Anyhow.

I have lots of excellent presents for Kevin and I’m reasonably happy with my presents for other people. Perhaps more on that later!

Christmas always raises my anxiety level significantly, so hugs and kisses, everybody. Be well and be happy and, if you feel so inclined, reassure me that you care.