The tail dock didn’t really heal closed. On Monday we took her in for her stitches removal appointment. They said ‘hm. leave in another week’. On Tuesday, she pulled herself out of her cage when the door was left open. 9 hours later, I realized she’d pulled her stitches out then, too. There wasn’t really any blood, but you could see disturbing white glints when you looked at the open wound. Emergency room and associated costs, ho!

They put in more stitches late Tuesday night.

Yesterday afternoon, I checked on her and some of the stitches had snapped. Gaping injury, disturbing glints of white, etc. Emergency room ho!

They kept her over night and installed special loop sutures so we could apply and regularly change a wet to dry dressing. I guess this is one of the problems with antibiotics! Antibiotics keep infection away but they /don’t/ stop tissue from dying. Dead skin doesn’t hold stitches well.

She’s also developed enough upper body strength/flexibility to get to her tail area without curling her back end around. So she’s in a cone collar. And she’s an angry, angry dog. She has come to TERMS with her handicap, and with having a human pair of back legs and she is READY to SCOOT AROUND so why are we keeping her down?

Dumb dog.