Great googly moogly

It’s supposed to be 90 degrees out tomorrow. Welcome to summer?

I am angry that we did not get a spring. We’ve had like five nice days since January. I am happy nice days are finally appearing, although a bit taken aback at the rate of arrival– it’s only supposedly in the high 60s today.

I did some garden work today. It’s been almost a year of little to no outdoor work for me. It felt good, but exhausting– and our back yard is definitely showing the markers of no outdoor work + sudden warmth. I trampled down some grass that was four feet tall in places. I took Robin’s downstairs crib outside– it really is very easy to move around– and put him in the shade and let him look at the trees while I worked. He seemed to enjoy himself.

My home-grown seedlings almost all got eaten by bugs, rendering my home-built cold frame useless. I bought seedlings from Lowe’s, grudgingly, including some peppers– maybe my cold frame can earn its keep that way. (It’s hard for me to grow peppers up here, because there’s just not enough heat units to do it, usually.)

I also wrote my 1600 words (about 6 pages), and finished reading A Great And Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray.

Building a Box

Last night I stayed up way too late trying to finish yet another Dresden book. At dawn or so, I gave up and conceded defeat to the novel; they’ve been getting longer! Lucky for me Kevin was sleeping in Robin’s room (because we keep each other awake while sick, otherwise) so I did get some sleep. I think that was also because Robin isn’t feeling well but he’s still remarkably upbeat and cheerful for a supposedly sick kid.

Anyhow, this afternoon I went outside and spent four hours working on a box. No pictures until it’s done, which it isn’t yet. But most of it is. I need to make the lid, and the triangular pieces. Not quite sure how to do some of that without a miter saw or table saw. Really long screws doesn’t seem to work.

I quit as night was drawing in, but assembled the pieces as it’s supposed to be when completed so I could check it out. Despite tons of mistakes (lots of extraneous drill holes and unscrewing and rescrewing of screws) and some wood splitting, I feel happy. Exhausted, but happy. I had a plan from the web that I used as a reference point (very simple and easily memorized) but since it was written by somebody with all the saws and took a lot of basics for granted, I had to figure things out as I went along. Did you know some parts of the cedar boards are harder than other parts? The reciprocating saw was a pain in the ass, but the drill was a lot of fun. I think we need to use the circular saw to make the triangle cuts and I’m not sure when that will happen. Hopefully soon. It was really cool to look at the partially assembled box and think ‘I made that!’.