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Today I had trouble sleeping because the dogs and cats were bickering on top of me. So shortly after the boys went to work, I went to get some stuff at Costco. I got potatoes for Thanksgiving. I got beef for Raymond and I. I did a lot of walking. I’d only had two hours of sleep but that was okay.

At one, I left Costco, in Tukwila, WA, intending to go home and pass out.
At three, I arrived at Flying Lab, in Seattle, WA, on Queen Anne Ave. On the way there, I drove in two complete circles around the Renton Municipal Airport, cruised past Diamond Lil’s Casino three times, discovered the worst five lane road in the county, and crossed Pike St and Pine St. three different times (without making any circles at all).

I’ve been to this Costco at least four times before. I decided to try a different exit from the parking lot, and it went downhill from there.

At Flying Lab, I ate lunch and huddled in somebody’s office chair until six, when my groceries were transferred from the Jeep to the car, and I went home with Kevin and Raymond. Tomorrow I have to ride to work with them and bring one of the vehicles home again. God, I hope I don’t make any wrong turns.