Sleepless mornings somehow work

I’m basically done with my ghost draft! Go go meeting milestones! I even got a taste of the bang-smash ending thrill.
I think I’m better at coming up with justifications and explanations than I am at being spontaneously original.  Or at least, it’s much more satisfying and rewarding.

Having a two-story house creates climate control problems!

OK, here I am again.

I’ve put together a schedule for myself. Not quite the cold hard numbers of Holly Lisle, but goals, anyhow. My instinct says that I’m way too loose on the development and way too tight on the production, but instinct wasn’t quite in tune with reality last time.

So I’m trying something new this time; it’s my goal to have every question except ‘how do I phrase this to sound good’ answered before I start writing the draft. I spent far too puzzling out details and inventing sources of tension, and while I think it turned out okay, it was slow as hell. It was also really intimidating trying to manage my wordcount when I had no idea what to write (and really satisfying when I did). I spent a long time in development last round but it was lazy work and I goofed off a lot. It’s my hope to actually put every day to use, this time. And hopefully this will also cut down on the consistency revision work, because I’ll improooooove ideas before I write them down.

As for the production phase, I’ve got a lot of words crammed into a small number of days: almost 2k, every day. Even with a detailed outline I’m dubious about getting that amount of typing in on every single day. I’ve scheduled myself no vacations, no weekends, which I think is okay for development but unrealistic for the physical demands of producing prose.But all that’s assuming I’m on the same schedule I am now. If that happens to be true, I’d add another month each for Production and Revision. But I dearly hope that by then, the Plan my housemates and I have put together will be in full swing. If it is, I should be able to get enough prose production done to squeeze some days off in there.

Development Deadline: September 1 (52 days)
Goal: 28,500 words

Today (7/11): This schedule
7/12: Revise Brief Synopsis (~500)
7/13-7/19: Worldbuild Major Locations (~5000)
7/20-7/26: Detail major character plot arcs (~5000)
7/27-9/1: Write detailed outline (~18000)

Production Deadline: Nov 1 (61 days)
9/1-11/1: Expand outline into 110k rough draft.

Consistency Revision Deadline: Dec 1 (30 days)
11/1-11/8: Read, handwrite notes.
11/9-11/30: Type In.