I dreamt of Metatron

I worked on my story last night. I started revising the initial synposes of the trilogy to fit with certain discussions Kevin and I had on what makes a structure work. This led me to revising the metaphysics of the setting some to better support the necessary structure of the story. I really don’t know if I’ll ever be able to return to Engines of Heaven (Caleb & Indigo) if that kind of sacrifice is necessary to make it into a functional story. It’s not the characters fault if their story isn’t structured well. Events happen, one after another, and that the pacing of /life/ is not suited to that of a story isn’t… a reason to totally gut them. But maybe finishing the tutorial will help me understand ways to tell /any/ story and fit it to a working framework.

We woke up to go to the gym this morning but didn’t actually go because I realized that the drones at the desk wouldn’t let Kevin in even though he filled out payment paperwork yesterday– his temporary card was single-use and his paperwork wouldn’t be processed yet. So instead I got to work early. I went to bed too late last night anyhow.

I’m starting to feel like accomplishing things again. Here’s hoping that desire keeps gathering steam.