Well, we did it.

After a very long time, we unlocked some of the more lovely zones in the FFXI expansion Chains of Promathia. Here are some screenshots I took of these and other locations.

Bibiki Bay, where you can dig for clams.
Bibiki Sunset

A lovely view in the Taznavia region.
Taznavian cliff

I really like the way these guys look.

This is our team in a range of mountains where we hunted tigers and rabbits for a while.

This is something we first see in the opening movie of the original game. And yet we can’t see it with our own eyes until the second expansion. Hmmm.

One of the special events gave out rewards that allowed you to turn into a little girl of specific races.

A perk of being high level is fighting things that once flattened you. These guys are especially scary when you’re short like me.

A spectacular waterfall I found while exploring Taznavia.

FFXI Task List

Level up WHM to 21 (~8 hours)
Level up Ninja to 12 (~3 hours
Level up RDM to 10 (~1 hour)
Perform Step #1 of AF1: trade crystal to telepoint (~1/2 hour)
Level up DRK to 6 (~1 hour)
Process millioncorn into insect paste (~1/2 hour)
Go to Jeuno and buy Stonega II (~1 hour)
Go to Selbina and buy Blizzard II and turn in tablet (~1/2 hour)
Practice Enhancing (whatever)