11:59 Back from breakfast out. Going back to bed for a nap.

11:59 I think I’m close to being done with twittering for a couple of months; I think I’ve done enough that, looking back, I can get an idea o …


12:24 Awake! Going shopping for wood to build a cold frame and seeds for a herb garden.

22:47 Bought wood for cold frame, bought herb seeds.

22:47 Went out to Mongolian for dinner, now playing WoW.


13:30 Out of the bedroom! It’s GORGEOUS out! Very warm! Must be nearly 60 degrees?

15:04 Went for a walk with that one guy. Pushed a stroller up and down hills for about a mile. Sweaty!

23:33 Almost done with Dresden Files 6


11:23 Out of bedroom, feeding Robin his breakfast. I read about half of Grave Peril, book 3 of the Dresden Files, last night. Quick, inspiring …

16:43 Finished Grave Peril. Also finished writing 10 Cliches In One Page for Wunderkin, and my Lesson 8 homework for 2YN.

21:00 Roasting a chicken, baking rolls, just ate some sauteed zucchini. Reading Dresden Files Book 4.


14:45 Today, more sick! Demanding baby, though, and I’m restless. I vaccuumed but I held myself back from working on the porch. Raymond is als …

14:46 Still have the 2YN work to complete, plus a little contest for Wunderkin (my five-man writing group), plus words for Under Bridges.

14:47 But it’s harder to write while the baby is so demanding.

15:20 I’ve spent too much time looking for a way to make twitter tools work better.

15:20 Apparently it only generates a digest when people visit my site. That’s why sometimes two days get rolled into one.

18:56 I made chicken fried rice. And I’m eating before Kevin gets home! And listening to an audiobook.

18:57 Had to give the baby some Tylenol. Poor kid was miserable.

22:07 Drinking hot chocolate while the baby giggles like a crazy person.

23:55 By request: