Analysis of Midseason Heroes: a Magic Trick

Somebody will die. A Supermagical Person, or, as the Announcer likes to call them, a Hero.
Let’s see who it could be, and if it will be as shocking and unexpected as Mr. Announcer seems to think.

  • Claire Bennet: She’s the plot arc title character. Half the characters in the show are focused on saving her. She seems to have apparently been saved. If she’s not, they, apparently, can’t save the world. Additionally, she’s young, cute and has just finished the prologue to her life, accepting herself as she is.Reaction to her death: The world would end (or massive effort to save it, but this is TV) Extremely Unlikely
  • DL Hawkins: A recent addition, he mostly exists as a plot development in Niki’s life. If he dies (at Jessica’s hands), her life simply returns to the way it was before the series started. He has to stay alive for Niki’s plot to really continue. Or, possibly, die in a way that makes her really angry. But since they’re all still totally unconnected to the serial murderer plot, I’m not sure who else would kill him. Reaction to his death: Micah would be sad. Niki’s plot would boomerang. Unlikely
  • Isaac Mendez: I’m not sure he deserves the title of ‘character’. He’s a plot device. He paints, and he uses drugs, and he tells the future. He hasn’t even acted consistently, and he hasn’t had much of a story other than imparting information to other people. I’d rank his possibility of death quite high, except Hiro saw him dead in his flashforward. Most of his ‘story’ has actually been intersections with other people’s stories; the only manner in which he’s been proactive has been in the use of his supermagic. Reaction to his death: Simone and Peter would sniffle. Eden might sulk. There would be no more prophecies to guide them. Possible
  • Hiro Nakamura: His death would be very confusing. Very, very confusing. And odd. Did I mention confusing? I could go into more detail on why, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Nearly Impossible
  • Matt Parkman: He exists in an isolated little plot bubble which would pop out of existence if he died. I hear some television wastes that much time on characters who then die, but is Heroes one of them? He has unresolved plot, and he doesn’t seem to be in any danger. He also seems to have a date with destiny in the form of Radioactive Man, with whom he formed a BFF bond. Reaction to his death: his wife would be guilty; the FBI chick would beat her chest and wail at the loss of an angle. The FBI plot would vanish. Unlikely
  • Nathan Petrelli: Alive in flashforward, is placed to become quite powerful politically, has investors who would like him to become powerful. Reaction if he died: Mr Lindermann would be Put Out, as much of his Plot would vanish. Peter would look Tragic. His wife would probably bust out some kind of crazy superpowers from her chair, because she’s that scary. Unlikely
  • Peter Petrelli: Does he have a scar? Has Hiro Nakamura seen this scar? No? Then he’s subject to Season 5 Hiro Nakamura Plot Protection. Plus, he’s the only one with a direct line to Clue. It’s like he’s connected to the developer’s brain, or something. Almost like he has a second superpower. Plus, his first superpower is super cool. I’m still waiting for him to make out sequentially with Claire, Niki, and his brother. Oh yeah, baby. Reaction if he died: Simone would Weep. His mother would Sigh, and possibly bust out the magic. We know they’re genetic. Nathan would be Pissed and have all his fears confirmed. Isaac would look Haunted. And who would figure out the Plot for them? Nearly Impossible
  • Micah Sanders: He’s a kid. This is TV. Reaction if he died: New supervillainess. Extremely unlikely
  • Niki Sanders: She’s deeply enmeshed in her own plotline, which involves other supermagical characters and Mr. Lindermann. See the Matt Parkman entry, except she’s also a hot blonde. Reaction if she died: Micah would look Tragic. DL would bee Sad. So would Nathan and Ando. The Las Vegas plot would fizzle out. Extremely Unlikely
  • The Haitian: He doesn’t have a name. Or dialogue. Reaction if he died: Mr. Bennett’s externalized superpower would vanish and his organization would potentially collapse! Possible
  • Eden McCain: She was recently give more complex characterization and a history. Despite this, she’s basically an accessory to Mr. Bennett’s plot. Also, she did something unethical recently (at Mr. Bennett’s command) and she captured Sylar. If he escapes, she may be a primary target. Reaction if she died: Mr. Bennett would be Frustrated; his organization would be weakened and he might be required to work with others. Mohinder would beat his chest and weep at the visible demonstration of what his lack of faith in his father’s work wrought. Very Likely
  • Sylar: He’s the bad guy. He only gets to die mid-season if Niki is our new supervillain, or if Claire also dies and Mr. Bennett goes crazy. Extremely Unlikely

6 thoughts on “Analysis of Midseason Heroes: a Magic Trick”

  1. I love this show Soula… you have no idea how much I like this show and I think your character analysis’s are good!

  2. Now I haven’t read the comics so you’ve probably got a little bit more of the plot than I do.

    The thing to decide, for Isaac’s possibilities, is how much you think they’ve changed the future already. If they’ve changed it enough then both Peter and Isaac could be up for grabs but if you assume they haven’t changed it much then Isaac isn’t going to die for a while (especially since he was killed by Sylar in Hiro’s vision).

    I’m not entirely sure Sylar is ‘the bad guy’. They’re trying to stop a nuclear explosion somewhere near NY and we have no idea what/who does it. They’re only vaguely aware of the ‘hero serial killer’ thing. I do wonder if catching him really is going to change anything or if he’ll get loose or what. I’m kind of wondering if he’s a little bit of a red herring, like Mr Bennet (HRG, Horn Rimmed Glasses, in the close captions) kind of was at the beginning.

    I’m not sure I think it’s possible the Haitian will be killed. True, he’s got nothing going on really but… that’s part of the problem. He’s a complete mystery and so could be a possible plot hook for later.

    Now they could do a complete cop-out and kill some other vague Hero we’ve barely ever met, but I don’t think they’ll do that. On the other hand, I’ve been a bit disappointed in how they’re doing Nikki’s plot, so it’s not like I complete faith in them not to do something I think is dumb.

    My guesses are Nathan, DL, Sylar, Eden and Matt (in a vague order, with Nathan being my guess at the most likely one).

    One very interesting possibility that may redeem the Nikki story for me is if they figured out a non-idiotic way to ‘kill’ Jessica. That might be kind of cool.

  3. That’s an interesting idea. I’d considered the “secret government organization” but that’s been done to death so it’s easy. “Secret mob organization” that doesn’t just kill them is slightly more interesting.

    Heh. This would make Mr Linderman the Lex Luthor of the Heroes Universe.

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