Waiting for an advice nurse to call back…

Waiting for an advice nurse to call back. Why hasn’t one called back yet? Very sleepy. Reading more of Xiphotologos to kill time.

I think I know part of the difference. I think Xiphotologos predates, or is at least concurrent with my ‘Have To Learn To Write A Novel Properly’ breakdown. Unlike my later stuff, which is so closely third person that I have barely any narration outside of character thoughts, there seems to be a clear, functional narrator here. And also, it’s full of irrelevant details. I remember one reason I wrote it is because I wanted to explore the day-to-day life in a decaying grand royal court– it’s a parent to Citadel of the Sky in that way– and so it’s full of that kind of detail. I’m pretty sure in Citadel of the Sky and later, I tried to make sure all details served the purpose of developing plot, or demonstrated important character techniques. I don’t think I left much room for narrated details to develop setting. And yet that’s a huge part of what I’m enjoying in rereading Xiphotologos.

This doesn’t help me decide which to pursue. S13, my new Secret Project, has an intrinsic narrator with a distinct voice, so I think I would have naturally felt free to use those kind of details, and I think I will enjoy writing the same way. I don’t think I’ll enjoy the subject matter as much, but I’m pretty sure I got to the ‘oh god I’m stuck my plot and pacing are totally screwed up’ point in Xiphotologos that I seem to get to with almost every novel I write, which means picking it up again would mean a bit of digging around to figure out what the hell I was doing before diving straight into the hardest part of a novel.

I dreamt this morning that I was opening a huge present and I got woken up before I knew what was inside. So I guess I’ll go read more and see what Xiphotologos becomes.

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