I’m sorry, Knitter Who Also Spins and D…

I’m sorry, Knitter Who Also Spins and Designs, but I lied to your sister-in-law today. I told her that all the really nice yarns are handwash only, and suggested maybe that was why you’d never knitted her anything. I just couldn’t stop myself when she asked what the ‘point’ of your knitting was, since it didn’t result in sweaters and scarves for her, and blankets and sweaters for her babies. After I mentioned handwashing, she admitted you’d made her a ‘useless’ felted purse once. I think if she’d mentioned that detail before I opened my mouth, I would not have been as polite.

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I used to be at attractmode.net, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!