A few Facebook posts inspired by RealID

Blizzard’s RealID controversy has made me do a lot of thinking. The thoughts are too long for Twitter! While I don’t have a coherent statement I’m up for posting here yet, I’d like to at least make sure the thoughts aren’t firewalled, given the issue.

I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy and freedom, and about change vs the expected maintenance of the status quo, and how my friends are violating my freedom by not playing the games I want when I want them to. Once upon a time, I would have posted a long meandering think on my linked-to-my-name publicly-accessible blog. But with my thoughts going down for posterity like that, maybe I should think more first.

This is a social grace I’ve absorbed through cultural osmosis: while I COULD tell all my friends the full names of all my other friends, it’s not appropriate behavior. Referring to a non-mutual personal acquaintance by their full name as a part of a casual non-business conversation reeks somehow of showing off. It just isn’t done, at least if you’re not a rude gossip.

An interesting thing about the choices Facebook and its followers have made about privacy is they’re promoting the idea that friends are to individuals what profitability is to a corporation. The more you have, the better, and sacrificing every other grace is worth it if, in the end, you win.

(As a comment on somebody else’s post:) As someone who HAS invested time and effort [in World of Warcraft], I have to say I am not personally het up about their recent announcement. I’m guessing most people around 25 and under simply won’t care either.

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