Ys, ys, you’re very smart.

Robin woke up three hours early this morning, sobbing in response to Kevin’s early alarm (the one he ignores for up to an hour).

He snuggled in bed with us for a short while, until he found himself more interested in pointing out that there were letters on my shirt, and that he has fingers, which are also associated with alphanumeric characters. (‘q,r,s. q,r,s. q,r,s’ while tapping them one at a time)

I changed his diaper, hoping he’d go back to sleep. He started howling as I did this and, since the morning diaper change usually comes with milk, I said, “What, are you hungry?” The howling stopped, replaced by a frantic “‘Ys! Ys! Ys!”

He hadn’t actually used ‘yes’ previously, although I’ve been trying to teach him. As, you know, an upgrade  from the snatch and grab.  Don’t worry, ‘no’ is still the slashing rejecting arm gesture and an emphatic ‘ennnh!’ that he  mastered in a rudimentary form about half an hour after birth. He’s started using it to reject concepts (“Would you like me to pick you up and show you the night sky?” “Ennh!” = ‘No thanks, I can see it just fine from the porch AND draw at the same time.’)

I gave him milk.

He drank it. Then he started telling me about how there were stars on a picture frame on the other side of the room. Star. Stars. He eventually surmounted the Wall of Mom and wobbled over to show me. Star. Stars. No, Mom, you can’t go back to sleep.

He’s been so cheerful this morning. It’s unnatural.

ETA: Oh sheesh, so this is why we don’t get up until after the guys leave for work, even on a good day.

Raymond came out to the kitchen, slinging his bag over his shoulder, zipping up his sweater. Robin immediately demanded to be picked up. Because Robin’s favorite thing in the world, even more than chalk and maybe even more than baths, is Going Someplace. And using cues any dog could pick up, he had ascertained that Raymond was preparing to Go. Well, he was ready! Pantsless, but all you really need to Go is to be put into your carseat, right? I mean, the changing of Pants and wearing of Shoes are also important cues, but not essential. Clearly.

My God, the sobbing as they left him behind to go to work. He’s okay now but I don’t think he’s ever quite been betrayed this way.

(The ‘go, go’ communication was another self-invented sign/body language, dating from… a very long time ago now. A year, maybe? It’s very similar to spurring a horse and shaking reins, if somebody’s holding him. He’s lately been discovering that we’re not nearly as well-trained as he’d like us to be.)

ETA 2: Now he falls asleep again. Now that I have to work  on getting him ready for being babysat and me ready for a dental double feature.

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