I’m trying to talk myself into listening to podcasts while I do chores, instead of the same old audio books over and over again.

The problem I have with podcasts is partially the same problem I have with any information source that isn’t text: I want to progress through it faster than the medium allows me. Also, I don’t like missing details because, say, I had to step out of easy listening range or Robin shouted or whatever.

Also, I don’t have any particular podcasts lined up that interest me. But I like to listen to light-hearted amusing audio as I do chores! Surely there must be something out there for me.

Does anybody else have experience listening to podcasts? Any thoughts or recommendations?

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I used to be at attractmode.net, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!

3 thoughts on “Podcasts”

  1. I’ve been quite enjoying listening to the DWO Whocast, a Doctor-Who-themed podcast, as well as NPR’s podcast for Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. It’s good stuff to listen to on the bus going to and from work.

  2. I also listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and think it is a lot of fun. I also listen to Car Talk, which is funny even if you aren’t interested in cars, and the Knit Picks podcast.

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