(The Sweetpea3 is an mp3 player designed for babies, toddlers and small children that I ordered for Robin as a belated birthday present. After many delays, it’s here. I’ve been especially anticipating it lately because of

 Robin’s demands for company while he stays up until 4 am.) 

It came it came, and it was not reengineered into a crappy miniature version of my alarm clock like in my nightmare! I took it out of its packaging and handed it to Robin. He is now pressing buttons like crazy.

He is so enthralled he is drooling.It has an album of stories/songs on it, so there’s things for him to hear but he’s mostly pressing buttons. Pausing here and there to listen. I’ll put the music I got for him on it soon.
Now he’s chewing on it.
And now he’s… dancing to itsy bitsy spider. Now he’s giggling at 10 Little Monkeys.
He’s kind of red-eyed sleepy. And waving his toy frog at this monkey rap.

He’s banging it on the wall. At any minute he’s going to drop it out of his playpen. Oops, there it goes. Not
 even a skip.
He dropped it a second time, after he turned it off, and started pounding on
 his xylophone. I’ve picked it up to put more
 music on it and everytime I touch it he whines at me to give it to him.
OK, that’s enough of that. SOMEBODY needs a nap! A special bonus picture to encourage napping:

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