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I lost the charger to my camera again, so I can’t offload pictures.

I can’t offload pictures because the battery died. The battery died because I left the camera pluggin in from 5:30 am until noon the other day.

I plugged in my camera at 5:30 am to show Kevin a picture of his eyeball. Which I took at 5:15 AM. Because he made me. Because he didn’t believe me when I told him he’d scratched his eyeball and didn’t have a hair stuck in it.

Please, don’t ask why we were up until 5:30 am. I honestly can’t remember.

But there was some story about Robin I was going to tell. Has he been cute lately? I’m sure he must have been. Well, an update, anyhow, while I try to remember.

He prefers to spend as much of his time as possible crawling around. He crawls between the living room and the great room, over and over again. Or up and down the yard on the side of our house. and every so often he crawls over to me, pulls himself into my lap if I’m within reach, and clings to my legs and whines if I’m not. He gets a hug, and then he’s off again.

He likes to throw toys for Dante to chase. He’s remarkably tolerant about being tumbled about by Dante’s clumsiness. He gets thrilled everytime he sees the kitties, but the kitties only tolerate him. 

He waves, and claps his hands when he’s proud of himself, but he hasn’t learned any of the signs I’ve tried teaching him. I have videos from youtube assembled into a playlist, and some Signing Time DVDs checked out from the library– but they’re targeted at older children, I think, and he barely pays attention to them. In fact, I haven’t been able to get him interested in television at all. I suspect it isn’t interactive enough for him (and he doesn’t understand how his V.Smile console interacts yet). I put them on in the background sometimes, and I play with the V.Smile while he’s around because he inevitably wants to play with whatever I play with. I think I may need a new cartridge soon, because the one that came with the console is slightly less interesting than Jello for me.

(Jello! I should make and feed Robin Jello!)

All of his ‘play’ so far consists of exploration, which means he causes lots of trouble! He wants to poke, prod, taste, chew on and make react all sorts of things. ‘Making something react’ is his favorite activity. Push Button! Like, he doesn’t make a noise when he claps his hands because he doesn’t do it quite right. But we adults do, so he loves to take my hands and move them through the clapping motion. He can be kept entertained for at least 5 solid minutes by watching som rhythmic clapping.

Okay, two cute images for you.

First: we have several apple trees in the backyard. The more striking one produces little red apples– kind of like Red Delicious, but much smaller and also, eventually, a bit sweeter. They’ve been falling from the tree since early August and I haven’t been able to find the time to do anything with them. I let Robin tool around out there last weekend and discovered a couple of interesting things. Those apples are perfectly sized for baby hands. And Robin loves whole uncut apples. He loves to sink his teeth into them, and I already knew he liked apple chunks. With his 7 front teeth (in varying stages of development) he can’t really handle the skin, so he takes a bite, chews it up and then spits the skin out. The first day he ate small bites of several apples, before I collected all the best and brought them in and washed them and stored them. A few days later, he had another one, which he ate maybe a quarter of before he started trying to share it with Dante. Yesterday, he ate 3/4 of one apple, practically down to the core, and then later that evening cried when I showed the core to Kevin, until I gave him another one.

Baby. Eating baby apple. I’ll try to get a picture. For now, imagine it.

Second cute image: The other day Robin was just in his diaper. I was patting his belly, because he loves a.) having his back patted and b.) the sound of clapping, which bellies also make. He played with my hands for a moment, looked at them, did a doubletake, and stared. Then he pushed my hands aside and started poking his belly. He tugged at his skin, prodded it, and then… he discovered HIS BELLY BUTTON! A button! On him! But no matter how much he poked it, nothing happened.

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