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At work, people look at pictures of Robin and then say to Kevin, “How the hell did you get such a cute kid?”

Anyhow, Robin pulled the driver out of his super shapes-and-sounds truck and lay on his back going ‘rrrrrrr. rrrrr. rrrrr.’ at it, which is very much like the sound his favorite button on the truck makes.

He played with his xylophone while his baby laptop was singing to him, as if he was trying to play along.

He also totally climbed on the guest bed without any assistance at all, not even somebody being on the bed. Then he lay on it giggling and kicking. Unfortunately, he still tries to get off things head first, and there’s a nasty ledge on the bedframe which is useful for climbing but painful for hitting on the way down. I hope he works out the safe way to get down soon.

I played WoW this evening at the table in his room while he played on the floor around me. We both really enjoyed it. He spent ten minutes flipping through my knitting book and while he bent some pages, nothing got torn. I was impressed, especially since my favorite of his board books has been chewed apart.

I’m constantly amazed at how confident and aggressive and determined he is. How proud he seems when he achieves something he’s been trying to do, how well he communicates despite having no words and little formal body language. I laugh because he never goes around obstacles– he either pushes them aside, or goes over them. Headfirst, always headfirst.

I took him to the park yesterday and put him on the grass. He sat still, looking around, for some time. Then he set off across the yellow-green grass, crawling between clumps of dandelions and pulling off the deadheads. He crawled quite a long distance before getting tired, more than three times the length of our house. Then he pulled himself up on me and I picked him up and we went home, and he crawled some more.

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