The cats love Robin’s room, even if they only tolerate Robin. Actually, maybe Demon loves Robin, too. It’s hard to tell with Demon. But he lets Robin lay on him, which seems like a good sign.

Yesterday, Raven was in Robin’s room with Robin, and the childgate was up. Raven is lazy and fat. He wouldn’t jump the gate to escape, even though he wasn’t really pleased with the way Robin barrelled over to him giggling every few minutes. Raven squeezed under the guest bed, which must have been a tight fit for him, and he could have hidden there all day. But instead he had to keep coming over to sit next to the gate. Robin would grab him and hug him. Raven would squeak and slink away.

Later, I lifted Robin over the gate and brought him into the office with me, because he’s a whiny kid sometimes. I shut the office door and let him tool around on the newly clean floor. Next door, I heard a thump.

“Ah,” I thought. “Raven just needed a run-up.”

A moment later, I started hearing this ‘boing… boingboingboing’, over and over again. When I investigated, I saw that Raven was still stuck in Robin’s room, and the gate was still up. And downstairs, in the foyer, Dante was repeatedly dropping a light-up bouncy ball– some old loot from my IT days– that he’d stolen from Robin’s room. He looked up at me. He kind of pushed the ball away, lay down and put his head on his paws. It wasn’t lighting up when he dropped it, anyhow.

He hasn’t given up, though. I found it downstairs again, that evening.

PS. I eventually let Raven out.

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