Robin has learned ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’.

Explicitly, he’s learned that when we tell him ‘Say mama!’ or ‘Say dada!’ that it’s his job to blow a raspberry. He really believes that those instructions mean ‘blow a raspberry’. He’s very consistent.

Kevin started the raspberry exchange game. Pbbbt, went Kevin. Pbbbbt, went Robin. Pbbbt, went Kevin. Pbbbbbbbt, went Robin, and grinned like a crazy thing. Pbbbt, went I. After a startled look, Pbbbt went Robin.

From there, it was ‘hey, he’s in a mimicking mood, let’s see if he’ll say mama or dada!’. No. He learned that ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ are words for ‘raspberry’.

The other day, Michelle was teaching him to say ‘watch’ because he was playing with her watch. He made a spirited effort: ‘tch. tch.’ Later, Kevin observed that nobody Robin lives with actually wears a watch. That’s okay. I’m telling him my pedometer’s a watch.

The most talking-like event so far has been the dog situation. He has two dogs, plus a book about dogs. Cathy and I were reading it to him and he kept looking at Dante and then saying ‘do’ as we pointed at the book. Of course, ‘dadadadadadadadadadaadadadadada’ is his most common vocalization so it took a keen ear to pick out that this time, ‘do’ had meaning behind it. Kevin says it doesn’t count unless he says it without prompting, or manages the g-sound at the end.

When he’s wailing, he’s managed to sound like he’s screaming ‘mamamamama’ but that’s been true for a long time– I think it’s an artifact of wailing through tears. Recently it also sounded like ‘nonononono’ but since he seems to have only a shaky grasp of ‘no’ in other situations I doubt it was intended.

Just now he started crying because he couldn’t get into his crib to take a nap. My child is weird.

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One thought on “Babytalk”

  1. I’ve been figuring that y’alls lack of watches is why Robin is so fascinated with mine (and Kirby’s too sometimes).

    Possibly this is also why he’s so fascinated with my necklace/pendant. Why he wants to put it in my mouth, I don’t know.

    Hm. Maybe on Saturday I’ll bring a different necklace and/or take off my watch and see what happens. 🙂

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