There are no titles that convey the right thing.

Hannah and Dante were racing around the house up and down the stairs when Raymond let them in this morning. I was still in bed, Robin was asleep. There was a thump and Hannah started screaming. She couldn’t move the hind part of her body, including her legs.

It was a bad morning.

The current diagnosis is a badly herniated disc, requiring expensive surgery to repair. That’s a lot better than a fractured spine and a cheap euthenasia shot. But she’s only had x-rays and a referral to a specialist– she was waiting for the MRI at the brand new Kirkland animal hospital when we finally left. (Raymond and Jenna watched Robin while we were gone).

So if things go well, she might be home again with us in a few days, in need of physical therapy but basically healthy.  She’s 7 years old– really too old to race up and down stairs, but hopefully able to walk up them for years yet to come.

All I can keep thinking is ‘my poor beautiful dog’. I love her very much.

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3 thoughts on “There are no titles that convey the right thing.”

  1. Oh no!

    Keep us updated, I’d be happy to visit her (and you guys) as soon as she’s back. Which sounds like it might coincide with weekend plans anyway.

    Poor puppy. It’s not going to be easy to keep her from overdoing it, with Dante around and her sheer stubbornness.

  2. Oh, that’s terrible!

    I’m glad it looks like it is treatable, though. *HUG*

  3. Neil and I were so sorry to read about this. Big hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery.

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