milestones for may, goals for june

In may:

I wrote 21k words. Not as much as I’d hoped. I can still reach higher. I ordered a new baby carrier for Robin so I can walk myself and the dogs without a babysitter. (The stroller experimented was aborted before it could become disastrous.) I also reached the level cap in WoW with a second character.

Robin learned to sit up. Not just to maintain a position we put him in, but to push himself from prone to sitting, reliably and quickly. He’s almost crawled in the traditional fashion, but I think that was an accident. He’s pretty decent at rolling, though. He got his first ball yesterday. It’s almost the same size he is. He also spends a lot of time ‘reading’ books.  One of his favorite activities in the world is to hold an open book in front of him, look at the pictures, fail to turn the pages, and babble loudly. He also likes baths, his carseat, finding strange things to put in his mouth, being carried, banging on keyboards, watching World of Warcraft, toys that make sounds, o-shaped oat cereal, playing with my water bottles, playing with peoples’ hands, clawing faces off, and sleeping with his butt in the air. And probably other things, too. He still spends a lot of time looking at stuff and thinking quietly, as well as sometimes babbling loudly. He’s officially tall and scrawny for a baby, at 70% and 30% for height and weight respectively.

For june: I’d like to finish my novel. we’ll see how that works out. if i can’t do that, i’d like to hit 30k words. that should be achievable if I go to bed at a consistent time.

I think robin will crawl and maybe even start to push up in june.  And maybe other fun stuff as well. I’ll keep you posted.

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