In the mornings after Kevin gets up, he brings Robin to me in bed along with his bottle and I feed him and we doze off some more.

This morning, after the bottle, I was 90% asleep. Until there was a THUMP and heartrending wailing. Robin had rolled off the bed, landing on his stomach at a 90 degree angle from the bed. Awww! I couldn’t be prouder!

Two minutes later, after he’d calmed down, I laid him on the bed again and he immediately rolled over onto his tummy again.  Shared naptime may be over…

Also, twice today we’ve found him asleep on his tummy. after we put him on his back. That’s quite a change for the boy who HATED being put on his stomach.

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2 thoughts on “Milestone!”

  1. I assume he didn’t get hurt from the fall…kinda scary though. Some of the rolling over may be my fault since I spent a bit of time down on the floor in his bedroom with him.

  2. I _still_ feel terrible when Asher rolls out of the bed. I can remember how wretched we felt the first time it happened.

    Anyway, go go increased mobility Robin.

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