Cathy, Kevin’s mom, just left after an extended weekend visit. She took lots of pictures, which hopefully she’ll post and I’ll link to. Highlights of her visit include:

  • A snowstorm that didn’t stick
  • A hailstorm that left over an inch of pebble-sized hailstones accumulated on the ground and cars.
  • Robin’s first tooth appearing
  • Robin’s mastery of rolling onto his stomach and back again
  • The purchase of gorgeous curtains and an enormous ladder as birthday presents for Kevin and I
  • The sprouting of my thyme seeds
  • A conversation with my Aunt Carol in which I confirmed my plan to attend the west coast family reunion in Pleasant Hill on July 12
  • Twisting both my ankles in two separate falls
  • Shopping anyhow on them, because I’m, uh… fill-in-the-blank

Robin loved spending time with his grandmother. He absolutely adored her, practically as soon as he laid eyes on her.

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2 thoughts on “Chomp!”

  1. I plan on being at that reunion with Matthew and our son, James. (He’s 10-years-old now and wild as can be.)

    It is good to hear that you will be there. I will probably use my camera on you and your family just under that amount of time that daddy (Michael) will.

    And thank you for the reminder about your birthday.

  2. And, needless to say, grandma absolutely adored Robin too! Will let you know when pictures are up for viewing. Lots of Robin as well as the snow and hail storms.

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