A geeky kind of post

I’d call it a meme post but I just thought it up myself. I thought I’d share the 10 programs listed in my Windows Start menu for quick access. It’s a list that gets updated each time I use a program, and it sorts by how often I open that program. It’s kind of an interesting snapshot of how I spend my time.

(Note: I open Firefox from a shortcut on my bar, which is, I think, why it doesn’t appear on the below list.)

  1. World of Warcraft: for playing World of Warcraft, obviously.
  2. UltraEdit: I prefer to jot down ideas and outline in this less formal text editor.
  3. GURPS Character Assistant 4: I’ve been modeling characters for Under Bridges in this as a way of fleshing them out.
  4. WriteItNow Novel Writing Software: It’s kind of an outlining tool. I have mixed feelings on it but it does the job it’s supposed to do.
  5. Microsoft Office Excel: Random mathematics, agent queries, other forms of tracking.
  6. OverDrive Media Console: For playing audio books I download from the library. I listen to Discworld novels while I do kitchen chores.
  7. WinRAR: For zipping and unzipping.  Mostly for unzipping WordPress plugin updates.
  8. WOWAceUpdater: For updating World of Warcraft addons.
  9. Microsoft Office Word: For writing in. Well, mostly for cut-and-pasting into, these days.
  10. Media Player Classic: For watching anime from Netflix with. For some reason the player that came with my laptop claims the DVDs are locked.

If I open a program I haven’t used in a while, it’ll jump onto the list, often at some middling position based on how many times I’ve opened it. But that’s my current breakdown of work and entertainment!

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