Flu Shot for Babies = Nintendo Wii

I called yesterday to find out if they had a flu shot available for Robin, since the doctor insisted we come back for a second one a month later. I made an appointment for 9:15.

A mysteriously harried receptionist– there weren’t long lines of patients or anything– warned me they might not have any, and said she’d check. Then she just put Robin’s chart back in chart purgatory and said we’d find out eventually. Er, what?

We found out eventually, at 10:00. No baby flu shot! The nurse who came out to talk to us suggested we try again next week, and apologized profusely. I explained that because I didn’t have a car, we couldn’t really call and come in the same day. Her face crumpled. “Well, maybe if you explain your situation, they’ll hold a shot for you. That’s what I’d do if you talked to me.” Maybe.  Possibly. WTF?

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