Dream interpretation

I’m usually pretty good at understanding what my dreams are trying to tell me.

But last night I had three otherwise unrelated dreams about people being stolen/kidnapped. In the first, aliens compelled healthy adults to come fight a war for them; in the second, an old friend was stolen away by some unsavory and untrustworthy sorts; in the third, I passed out on a journey and woke up to find out I’d been moved and placed in a criminal situation.  All of the dreams were disturbing without being full-fledged nightmares. And now, awake, I’m disturbed wondering what exactly is going on in my subconscious. If it was just other people being kidnapped, it’d be an easier translation: worry about losing people, especially Robin. But since I was the kidnapped party in 2 of the 3 dreams… I dunno.

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3 thoughts on “Dream interpretation”

  1. Before Robin was born, you would post about not wanting to “lose yourself” after he was born. Could you subconcious feel like a part of you is being kidnapped or lost in the trials and joys of child raising?

  2. I don’t know. I don’t THINK so. I’ve felt shockingly ‘normal’ with regards to motherhood. It’s something I’m eventually going to make a post on– how my relationship with and feelings for Robin differs in degree from my relationship with and feelings for my other loved ones, but does not differ in substance.

    But I don’t know. It’s been harder to write lately. That could be part of it.

  3. That is good to hear. I look foward to your insights because they are written so clearly. (Clear writing is very inspiring to me.)

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