Pirates of the Burning Sea

is now available for preorder.

This is the game that Kevin (and also Raymond, our housemate) has been working on for the last few years. A large portion of the gameplay is directly his responsibility. How well it succeeds will likely determine our prosperity for the next year or so– and certainly influence whether or not we’re able to afford even a used four-door car (or deal with the critters I hear in our roof). And as with most entertainment media, its opening numbers are important to its continuing success (as is word of mouth). From a personal achievement perspective, this is every bit as big for Kevin as having a book published or a movie made and released.

If you fall into one of the following demographics, I encourage ordering the game and trying it out. If you order before release, you’ll be able to play before release, as well. If you know somebody in one of the following demographics, please recommend it to them!

  • You enjoy a detailed economic simulation, or you regularly practice buying low and selling high in any current games you play.
  • You’re a fan of the Age of Sail, tall ships, or pirates. (You can play the British, the French or the Spanish, too.)
  • You enjoy PvP, or are interested in the opportunity to participate in RvR without actually PvPing. (Translation: you enjoy head-on conflict with other players of the game, or you’re interested in contributing to the victory of the nation vs. nation conflict without engaging in head-on conflict with other players)
  • You love one or more of us, and wish to have and possibly even play the game just because.
  • You have a Sony Station Pass and regularly spend $50 on games anyhow. (It’s an MMO with a subscription fee to play after the first month or so, but those with Sony Station Passes have the subscription covered under that Pass.)

I haven’t seen a lot of advertising for the game yet, so word of mouth is crucial. So, seriously, if you know anybody who plays this kind of game (even if you don’t play yourself), please recommend it to them. I’ll save a full review until the NDA is lifted but I truly believe anybody who falls into one of the above categories will be satisfied with the game (although of course it’s not DONE. MMOs are never done, unlike books and movies. There is always more content planned. And it will be even more satisfying.)

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  1. Yeah, but it doesn’t look like it works on the Mac, so I’ll simply have to support y’all with a hearty “good luck”.

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