Somewhere between 12 weeks and 3 months

I have now given that one baby TWO baths. If I had a working camera on hand, I’d have taken a picture of why a.) I’m a bad mother and b.) babies do need real baths occasionally. It involved his hands. It was surreal.

One of the perks of pumping breastmilk (opposed to using formula) is that bottles can remain at room temperature for much longer, even after he’s had some. Breastmilk is antiseptic and it actually loses some of those qualities when chilled, so while it sucks that I can’t pump enough to store for later, it also means he’s always getting the stuff best equipped to deal with my rather laissez-faire approach to germ management. It also means that he can ‘comfort nurse’ when he’s traumatized by, say, being lifted out of a nice warm bath into a cruel cold world.

Oh yeah! That was the other thing I was going to say: last night was the third time (not in a row) that he slept for a four hour stretch. Well, okay, that I got 4 hours of sleep. He probably slept for a bit longer. Hurrah!

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