The writing, it is hard

So. Rough draft. Very, very rough. As I write a section, I’m constantly aware of revisions I’m going to have to make to the section I’m on and previous sections. I want so badly to skip directly to revision. But I need text before I can revise it. I have entire characters I’m going to have to splice into scenes or write new scenes for but I won’t know how until I can see the whole thing, the whole first layer.

What I’m really doing is writing down the whole story so that I can hold it in my head and rearrange and highlight and edit bits of it– that part of the writing feels more like creation to me. The stage I’m at now is written wrong and on tissue paper. Knowing that and making myself write the words anyhow is so painful.

I wonder if this desire to do it right the first time will ever go away.

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