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I used to be at attractmode.net, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!

4 thoughts on “Pumpkins”

  1. OMG, that is SO CUTE. I am overwhelmed by the utter adorability of the whole thing. I like the pumpkins, too! I’d had the vague hope of carving one to look like the cyclops-o-lantern in WoW, but it never happened. I’m glad you got yours done!

    Also, I cannot believe how much like Robin looks like Kevin in the 4th picture of the gallery. ^_^

  2. Robin is the cutest little pumpkin I have ever seen! And I love all the other pictures, especially where he is laughing. What a great Halloween treat this was for me!

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