My Tiny Person


I carry him around like a teddy bear, under one arm. He needs a bath, but he’s cute and familiar. I lay him on the bed next to me and he opens his eyes just long enough to give me a suspicious look before turning to cuddle up to my knee. He eats, still asleep, and when I lift him to burp him, his arms stretch straight over my shoulder. After a moment, he sighs and relaxes, his arms coming down to press against me. He doesn’t burp, though. I lay him down again and he squeals, quietly, and flexes his fingers.

Now he’s awake, stubbornly so. It has been the day of 20 minute catnaps, and what he really wants to do is gaze into my eyes. This makes it hard to do dishes. I rub his tummy while I type with one hand. I’ve managed to upload some pictures across the last couple of days, old ones and more recent ones. Nothing from the last week. I think you can click through to see everything I have.

I have been thinking about this post from Tiffany a lot, and the varying personalities of babies, and how those personalities develop.

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  1. Aw, that’s adorable! The similarities between you and Kevin are really interesting (Izzy just looks like her mom, though has the Clough hair color now, Matteo is simply adorable, but not particularly like either Chris*). I really want to meet him properly, now that he’s interactive!

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