Days without grandma

are tiring. Especially when Robin seems acutely aware that one particular set of arms is gone. I moved back into the nursery since we decided that he sleeps better in the softer comfier crib and Kevin really needs more sleep than he’s getting. and Robin’s waking up every two hours still, and…

I started working on a photo story about a neighborhood cat today, nothing clever, just a blog-entry-in-pictures, but then my camera battery started dying and I was too tired to set up some reproduction shots (and will probably need a hand on some of them anyhow). I also installed the carseat in the jeep, despite some difficulties, and went to my six week checkup, and then went to Jiffy Lube. Robin and I went to Dairy Queen while they inspected the Jeep. If I’d planned better I would have brought the baby bjorn, because hauling a carseat around is a pain in the ass.

Now I am home, with a melting Blizzard and a hot sweaty baby asleep on my lap. He is not in favor of road trips, but his tiny mind is powerless to resist car vibrations, so he can only voice his complaints when we stop or bump for any reason.

Chrysoula says (5:29 PM):
also, you know those dogs?
Kevin says (5:29 PM):
I know those dogs.
Chrysoula says (5:31 PM):
you know how those dogs have been well-behaved about not getting stuff from the diaper pail even when we forget to flip it?
Chrysoula says (5:32 PM):
apparently they thought a whole bag of diapers, removed from the pail and tied shut, by the front door, was intended as a reward for all their good behavior.
Kevin says (5:32 PM):

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One thought on “Days without grandma”

  1. Days without Robin are extremely sad for me. I miss him so. I even miss not being there to get up when he cries at 5 am!

    I’m so glad I wasn’t there to walk in the door and find the diapers! Lesson learned: Even in a sealed bag, dirty diapers are not safe from prying dogs.

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