Robin Goes Out

He was a big hit with the viewing audience, and I got all the social validation I never received while pregnant (because nobody ever noticed I was pregnant). We went to my appointment (where they neglected me for a while, twice), and then stopped at Starbucks to drink coffee and milk, and then went to Target, and finally did a five minute run into the hated Babys R Us. Many strangers appreciated Robin. They commented on his size (tiny) and his activity while sleeping (lots of kicks), and how healthy he looked (when I explained he was premature). And of course how cute and adorable he was.

I kept thinking of things I wanted to post about while I was waiting at the doctor’s but now I’ve forgotten them all. Hmm. Let’s see…

He’s noticeably larger in his carseat now, and not quite as floppy. I’m very glad and yet the tiny hormonal part of me is sad. However, it’s far too early to start the ‘they grow so quickly’ complaint, so shut up, hormones!

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2 thoughts on “Robin Goes Out”

  1. I would not assume that because nobody asked if you were pregnant, that means they did not notice. We are all trained very, very, strongly that you DO NOT ask a woman if she is pregnant. Ever. And heaven help you if you assume it!

    You are allowed to comment on babies, because yes, that is a baby.

    So yay social validation!

  2. Well, I actually had people be startled when a companion mentioned I was pregnant. /And/ I know some people who, well, nobody had to ask and they had to deal with a different offense: unsolicited touching of pregnant bellies.

    But point taken.

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