Doctor’s update

Robin had his two-week checkup yesterday. It feels like we’ve had him a lot longer than two weeks. I haven’t quite retconned an infant into all my memories of the last five years, but the two and a half weeks has moved slowly. But pleasantly, for the most part!

Anyhow, Robin’s gained a pound or so over his birth weight, and he’s grown two inches. Statistically, he’s in the 15th percentile for head circumference, the 5th percentile for weight, and the 50th percentile for length. He still seems pretty tiny to me. We asked the doctor if we should consider his actual age or his adjusted age when looking for milestones (since he was so barely premature) and she shrugged and said we could ‘give him an extra month if we wanted’.  Which was not exactly what we wanted to know. We’ll see what happens. He got a happy clean bill of health, all our concerns were dismissed as ‘normal’ and we made an appointment for a two-month appointment, in which he will get a fuckton of vaccines. Sorry, little baby!

I’m up to an average of 2.5 ounces per pumping session. This is just barely enough to keep him in milk instead of formula. (He eats a fifth of his weight everyday.) I’m also popping fenugreek, a herbal supplement, like candy. I think I need to buy some more since my amazon order hasn’t shipped yet and I’m not feeling confident enough to see if the supply maintains when the supplement stops (although it’s supposed to).

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One thought on “Doctor’s update”

  1. Yay, good doctor’s appointment!

    Don’t worry about the low percentile numbers. Asher was similarly low at birth, and at this last appointment, checked in at 40th perc. in weight and 75th in height. Robin will catch up, too.

    Glad that you’re seeing some progress on the milk. Hang in there — it hasn’t been very long. Your supply should continue to increase.

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