The hairy details deserve their own posts but hormones can be lumped together.

We’re home now, after undesirable stress escaping from the hospital.

I find his wailing cute, even adorable.

The most terrible thing we can do to him is make him naked.

When he’s cranky and hungry, and he hears Kevin’s voice, he opens his mouth for food. (Kevin has given him most of his bottles). I think that’s adorable, too.

Pumping milk and writing about him makes me sleepy. Or perhaps that’s the vicodin and ibuprofen.

I wish I would stop waking up in tears, from unpleasant half-remembered dreams. Nathan thinks I should try sleeping actually next to the baby, to see if that helps.  We’ve moved the bassinet-playyard upstairs right next to the bed for now, until he’s a little bigger and we all have a bit more of a schedule.

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3 thoughts on “The hairy details deserve their own posts but hormones can be lumped together.”

  1. Your posts have been absolutely wonderful, especially for a grandma who wishes she were there right now with you, Kevin and Robin. With your hormones in such upheaval, it’s no wonder you’re having unsettling dreams. I hope things calm down soon as you begin to heal.

  2. Pumping and/or nursing always made me sleepy at first. After about six weeks I stopped falling asleep mid-milking.

    As for the anxiety… hoo boy. I still get panic attacks. I saw some very little babies unattended in their buckets/carseats yesterday and went into panic mode. Wearing Teo has done so much for keeping me sane(ish) and really helped me bond in a positive way after the trauma of being sectioned. (also, it helped when he went colicky.)

    You and Kevin sound like Robin is turning you into great parents!

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