crazy aunt Angie: court transcriber

This sounded like a good idea when I thought about it, but now I’m shy and nervous. And are you recording all of this? Angie, you’re a dork.

Anyhow. I’ve been planning to write about having this baby since I got pregnant, so I figure while I haven’t really started having this baby yet, I’d better test out my new voice recognition blogging device: Angie. (Kevin, from the couch, where he’s supposed to be sleeping: “Angie’s a dongle.”)

So: my current situation is that I’m on oxytocin (pitocin), and in three hours, I might be having a c-section. Oh, and that’s what I was going to post about–that I’m finally having contractions. They might be starting at the top of my body, but I definitely feel them in my abdomen. There may be people who say otherwise (that they’re not contractions), but fuck those bitches: they’re not in possession of all the facts.

Other things I plan on recording, important things never recorded in a birth story are when the other bits come in. What about the catheter? When do they take it out, how do they take it out? And other things like the IV and so forth. That’s my plan; either I’ll be blogging more as labor progresses, via the Angie and the Michelle (who is currently backrubbing), or next time I post, I will have a baby.

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  1. OK, this is kinda cool that you’re still blogging (even via Angie), but it’s really going to be totally weird if you’re still blogging while this kid is coming out!

    I hope everything is over soon for you and that all goes well.

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