Little Notes

Either the blood pressure or swelling is causing an ancient blood blister on my hand to act up. For years now, it’s been nothing more than a discolored speck on my palm. Suddenly it’s far more like a blister, a tiny raised bubble with a hint of soreness to it. This is very irritating.

Also, on Sunday we had a little baby shower. Zod received many fine gifts: books and clothing and seating and blankets and My First Cephalopod and a baby bjorn and even a diaper pail and a wipe warmer. We even played Spanish Baby Bingo. Pictures were taken, and will be posted someday. Honest. Really.

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  1. When the Baby Bjorn starts to get uncomfortable (which it tends to when baby gets heavier than 12 lbs or so, depending) check out for lots of other options. I’ve been using a german-style baby wrap, but I also have a mei tai I made for myself.

    Seriously, I have no idea how to get along without a comfortable baby carrier. Particularly if your baby wants to be held a lot, you’ll want to have your hands free sometimes. 🙂

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