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Yesterday at my prenatal appointment, my blood pressure was quite high. The nurse took it a second time. Still high. So he made me lie on my left side for a while and took it a third time. It dropped from 14x/9x to 110/8x. Normally my blood pressure is around 125/75. The nurse told me to keep an eye out for blurry vision and headaches, and keep an eye on my sodium. The doctor said I should ‘rest more’ and scheduled me for an ultrasound next week instead of the week after. I was pretty calm about this; I definitely didn’t feel stressed about having high blood pressure and I did wonder if some dehydration was figuring into it.

This afternoon, after doing a couple of chores with Angie, I started feeling what I could only describe as ‘funky’. I took my blood pressure with my home cuff. 154/87. I decided I should lay down for a few hours. I even fell asleep. Three hours later, it was 152/95 on my left arm and 146/81 on my right arm– I wondered if I was doing it right so I took both. The cuff only barely fits. Three hours later, 157/88. Just now, 152/95 on left arm, 148/89 on the right.

I can describe the ‘funky’ feeling better now. It feels like pressure in my head, behind my eyeballs, in my skull. It’s not quite a headache and blurry vision but I can see how it can go that direction. It feels like I’ve been hanging upside down for too long. Tomorrow morning, I think I’ll be calling the doctor’s office. I’ve been trying to drink water all day; I even have a new liter Camelbak water bottle provided by Angie. And i’ve been laying down or sitting propped up for most of the day now.

Overall, I feel pretty unstressed by this– it’s much less upsetting than the gestational diabetes thing. I’m not sure why. The weird pressure in my head is annoying and ‘resting more’ kind of sucks, but if the doctor thinks it’s bad, I believe the available options are acceptable– and if the doctor isn’t worried and I am, I think I know how to communicate that to the doctor.

Today, I got my 34 weeks mail. “You’ll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine.” That’s good. We’ve still got a ways to go before the house is ‘baby and new parents ready’ but I’m not too concerned. If the most drastic options happen, there’s lots of people around to help out.

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2 thoughts on “Experiences may vary”

  1. Hi, sweetie.

    I’m here with Amy, and we both think you should call the doctor ASAP. No matter what time it is. *hugs* I went through something like this at 36 weeks — it sucks, but everything should be fine. Just get yourself seen. This kind of symptom is actually more worrisome for you than for baby.

  2. Update: Chrysoula is (right now) on her way home from the hospital. She and the baby are still fine, though apparently a little dehydrated. So all is well.

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