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I keep mentally writing posts and then never physically writing them.

On the gestational diabetes front, Kevin and I went back to the RN on Tuesday, showed her my numbers, and requested the three-hour test. She agreed that the numbers were too good and that even if the three-hour test came back positive I could probably reduce my self-testing to a few times a week. It was clear she still preferred it if I stayed on her crazy strict diet but um. I have to trust how I feel, at least partially.

So anyhow, I took the test on Wednesday and did my own blood tests after the official ones. The results looked OK but I’ve read that home monitors can differ by 10 points or so from the blood plasma tests.  They said the results would be in by Thursday but I haven’t had any calls yet. I looked at my fasting blood sugar yesterday and it was fine, and I’ve been eating relatively normally, with some attention paid to details revealed by the original few days of testing.

Kevin mostly finished painting the spare room this weekend. It’s a pale green two-tone that is very pleasant and cool.

Hm. I think instead of just summing up all the posts I didn’t make, I’ll save them and try to make them into real posts later. Pedicure! Jealous Dante! Annoying pregnancy ritual questions! Knitting!

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