Tell me can you feel it?

Yesterday was Kevin and my’s second wedding anniversary! I totally forgot! Kevin went off for a work dinner and then came home and passed out and I still didn’t remember. Today, he pounced me and told me he’d forgotten. I said, “Oops!” I’m so glad we built a year mnemonic into the date, so I could figure out how LONG we’d been married.

Later, Raymond said, “Your first anniversary was Dog, right? No? Am I wrong? Was it Pirates?” Very amused.

I have been industriously doing some kind of chore everyday– mostly the repetitive kind, but the ones that make the house more pleasant for everybody. What I haven’t been doing is writing. Shame on me!

Also: as much as I dream about babies, I dream about dogs. I’m not surprised, really; I see them more than I see any other living thing these days.

I turned on the air conditioner today, but while I’m enjoying it, I’m also wondering how much it’s impacting our electric bill. So I’ll probably find some way to do without most days and save the big expenses for later in summer-and-pregnancy. I’m definitely starting to worry about our finances– not so much the initial baby outlay as the month-to-month costs.

Last night, I felt Zod kick from the outside. It didn’t feel like a sharp thump vibrated through skin, which is what I imagined it’d feel like. It felt like my flesh tenting upwards from within.

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