The owls call the breathless moon

I’m feeling kind of weird and bored, all the same. I did more chores today than I usually do, and I’m kind of tired but I’m also trying to cut back to one nap a day– I sleep better at night. I finished my chapter in my novel and I should really start the next one so I have a hope in hell of meeting my goals this month. But I’m also kind of reveling in having done SOME writing today already. I could play WoW but I just don’t entirely feel like it. I could go out back again but I’m tired of staring at my plants looking for tiny signs of growth.  I could start the book Kevin gave me for my birthday but I’ve read a lot today already. I could read blogs I haven’t read in a long time but that seems like a slippery path.

Maybe I’ll go for a walk, just me.

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One thought on “The owls call the breathless moon”

  1. Sorry I haven’t been on WoW recently… I should be on it more frequently when summer comes… 🙁

    I’ve got a GREAT girlfriend now…her name is Hayley and she’s an awesome person which I will tell you about whenever you want on MSN…

    I’ve been splitting my time between hanging out with Hayley, friends, and doing homework and school projects…

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