How am I?

All right. Still sick sometimes, but not quite as much. I’m afraid I’m thinking more about my future garden than my future child at this point. It should occupy the entire third trimester! I need to call some of my aunts and let them know. And mail my cellphone number out like I promised….

I spent the weekend reading Ilium and Olympos, by Dan Simmons. I liked Ilium much more than Olympos, but since I only finished reading Olympos today (it took up most of the day, embarrassing as that is to admit), I’m going to resist having too much of an opinion until it all passes out of my immediate focus. I’ve always had a sort of love-hate relationship with Dan Simmons’ writing; his stories wander back and forth over a boundary between fascinating science fiction and grim horror.

Still behind on Heroes, unlikely to catch up soon, although Raymond is caught up on American Idol so maybe the two of us can shanghai Kevin.

I made some fantastic chili on Friday.

Today is Kevin’s birthday. I think we’re going to do some kind of little celebration but I think the entire household is kind of out of it, each in their own ways.

I think I’d like a book called ‘Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay, a collection of humorous essays about new motherhood. I put it on my wishlist so I wouldn’t forget. Most of the pregnancy reading I’ve done has been indirect, based on perusing the pertinent blog entries of friends and acquaintances. I occasionally read random pregnancy/baby websites but I try to keep that to a minimum so I don’t get too angry at the world. Kevin and I have been discussing lately how incredibly anti-authoritarian I am. I’d not really thought of myself as such previously; if asked I would have pointed Kevin out as somebody who doesn’t like authority. But he’s perfectly happy to listen to authority he respects; I get cranky when anybody tells me what to do. Well, almost anybody. And there are certain ways of bossing me around that just instantly redline me and make me determined to do my own thing. Sometimes it’s quite a struggle overcoming that instinctive reaction to actually consider options.

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