Heroes blathering: What you can do, what I can do… that is God.

Random observations, theories and speculation:

What if that’s meant literally, not as shorthand for “God’s gift”? What if it’s all God’s powers broken up among humanity. What if, I dunno, Linderman broke God? There are so many Biblical names in the show.

Mohinder’s father’s formula didn’t work, and yet he generated a list. And Mohinder is on it, potentially. More evidence that Chandra had a power! Or gave himself a power!

I still sort of expect Nathan to die by grabbing Peter as Peter’s about to explode and doing a supersonic dash into high atmosphere. The vision definitely suggests it. I also don’t understand why Peter thinks the invisible man can help him, given that the man was laughing in his vision, and is the total opposite of Peter in terms of his ability to interact with people.

I definitely still believe Mr. Bennet works for Linderman.

According to creator statements, there are important Clues in Indian mythology. But somehow I doubt things will ever be as crazy weird as stuff can get in anime. And, heh heh heh, the original title of the pilot episode was In His Own Image. Very cute.

OK, I guess that’s all for now. Might be some edits later.

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7 thoughts on “Heroes blathering: What you can do, what I can do… that is God.”

  1. I feel like the god plot has been done enough, mostly in comics. Not that this means the creators won’t do it. It also feels strange that they’d be making a big deal out of the genetics of the thing if there was a supernatural element to it. I suppose it’s a way out of the not-so-great science they’ve used so far, but that would make me sad. I’d rather they tried to make their science internally consisted then go with “it’s magick!”.

    I remember reading something about the creators commenting that the Heroes were the next stage in human evolution (granted it was on a biology in science fiction blog which was explaining that that was impossible; #3 at http://sciencefictionbiology.blogspot.com/2007/02/genetics-of-heroes.html).

  2. *sigh* Somehow that comment posted before I was done with it. I have no idea how, actually.

    Anyway, my only edits would be to change ‘consisted’ to ‘consistent’ and ‘impossible’ to ‘wrong’.

    You know, we’re just getting into cell division in biology and soon we’ll be talking about genetics…

  3. Well, they also talk about destiny a lot and I think that’s kind of bullshit. And it really seemed like the genetics thing is the excuse the scientists are making.

    Hm. Apparently the creators of the show have said that the number 9 is a clue, as well as subcontinent mythology. 9 is one short of ‘perfection’, from what I’ve dug up. And of course, Sylar sees what is broken and how to fix it; apparently he thinks he needs to fix it by collecting all the powers. Hmmm.

  4. Huh. I never got the impression he was trying to ‘fix’ anything by collecting the powers; simply making himself more powerful because he wants to be important. Especially after Mohinder’s father was so dismissive of him.

  5. I thought he said something to that effect in Six Months Ago, when he killed his first victim. At the time it seemed like a reference to the person not wanting his powers.

  6. Oh, he did! I just interpreted it as him seeing the mutation as something to fix but not that gathering the powers is part of that “fixing”. And he’s not fixing these people, he’s just killing them. He’s not even limiting it to people who don’t want their powers.

    He said something about how powerful he’d be once he got the convincing-power which given his reaction to being told he didn’t have a power at the beginning of his plot makes me think he just wants to be powerful (to “prove” himself).

    He doesn’t seem to have much method to his madness though. I would think there would be some powers that maybe he doesn’t want but if so we haven’t seen them yet.

    It would be cool to see how exactly he gains their powers. I mean, eating their brains wouldn’t really work that way plus if it’s genetic then he doesn’t *need* their brains in the first place. I kind of wonder if he destroys it because there is some malformed part of the brain related to the mutation and he doesn’t want it found in an autopsy but he only needs to see the wrong bits to replicate them in himself. I dunno.

    It all depends not only on what the writers want to do with the plot but also what changes they’re going to make to real science to fit the TV science. I can make extrapolations based on what I know about science but I can’t assume we all know the same things.

    I guess… I’d have to say that making it magical seems as dumb to me as making the force biological does to Star Wars fans. It probably wouldn’t be a deal breaker but it would make me sad.

  7. Another thing that could support my something-going-on-in-the-brain idea is that one of Mohinder’s beginning monologues mentioned the “humans only use 10% of their brains!” myth.

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