Now you are having the knowing of my day!

What I’m listening to right now: shouting Russians and gunfire

I walked the dogs again. Go me! They seemed to want to spend all day basking in the sun on the driveway rather than hanging out with me inside, though. Meanies.

I worked on pinning together various character plot summaries into an overall plot chronology today. Think of pinning pattern pieces together, maybe. I’m not quite done yet. OK, I’m only about… half done? The story is shifting its center and I haven’t worked out where the second half will take place yet. Still not doing more writing in a day than I would have before I quit.

But! I watched three episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, read the first two chapters of The Hallowed Hunt and played some Karaoke Revolution in the last twenty-four hours. Plus dishes, laundry, dog-walking, napping, cooking dinner, some blog reading, prescription-renewing (holy crap, sertraline is EXPENSIVE with no health insurance! I guess Kevin’s insurance was subsidizing his Zoloft somehow after all– the name brand was a third of what he paid for my generic), Speakeasy-cancelling, and um, Angie-talking and and and Colbert-watching and World of Warcrafting and even THIS POST. Um, most of that isn’t significant but I’m actually very pleased at the anime and the reading; what I think of as ‘feeding the engine’ is high on my priority list.

Yes, I saw the World of Warcraft Southpark episode.

Also, my pedometer says I walk more at home than I did at work but it’s still not up to goals. I’ll have to build up my endurance again. But not too fast ’cause I kind of injured myself in all the moving. Feet and knees and bruises!
I am a big copycat. It’s the sincerest form of flattery!

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2 thoughts on “Now you are having the knowing of my day!”

  1. Maybe I missed it elsewhere, but did you ever mention why you were cancelling Speakeasy? Were you unhappy with the service they provided?

    I’d love to have speakeasy available in my neighborhood, if for no other reason than I dislike the DSL monopoly Verizon has. (Granted, for a monopolist Verizon is behaving moderately well at the moment, but I suspect that’s just because if they don’t they’ll lose all their internet business to Comcast. I’d still like to see more DSL providers around)

  2. ‘Cause I tried twice to move my service to my new house and they couldn’t find it. I would prefer to have Speakeasy as well, ’cause they rock even if they’re expensive. Instead I have Qwest… after fulfilling my year contract with Qwest I am hoping that Speakeasy will be able to find it since I think Qwest may be their DSL provider.

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