I don’t work here anymore.

At four, I left my machines re-installing the operating systems and I turned in my tags and cards and fobs at reception. I took possession of the NDA I signed seven years ago. When I walked out, the door clicked behind me. A voice inside started screaming in horror.

At Redmond Town Center, I walked along shelves of books and games and toys, wondering who I was now. Was there something I could buy that would redefine me?

As I left, there was a rainbow.

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I used to be at attractmode.net, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!

4 thoughts on “I don’t work here anymore.”

  1. Was there something I could buy that would redefine me?

    I’ve felt this way so many times, I cannot describe it. Although now I find myself wanting to get rid of things to redefine myself, which is an entirely alien feeling.

    *hug* So proud of you.

  2. I hadn’t realized I’d gotten into the habit of thinking that way, since I’m not a collector usually. But I think it’s part of the unhappy-and-wellpaid mindset I’d learned. Externalizing my self. For so long I’ve identified myself as ‘the one with the income’. And now I’ve thrown that all away…

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