Changing horizons (or: My imminent departure)

[what I just sent to my org at work]

Change management is a perpetual challenge in a live environment.  Everybody knows it. Month in, month out, we struggle to integrate changes with as little disruption as possible. Change is always dreaded, always work, always trouble, and eventually, always necessary. Even if we resist it, it creeps up on us, herding us until we trip and tumble head over heels into the future.

We have many advocates for controlling change, for minimizing risks and for making change orderly. We even maintain environments in which to test change, but no matter how hard we strive, no test environment is equal to the scale and power and disasters of the real thing.  Still, we do our best to anticipate risks and solve disasters, sometimes at three AM. We’re Ops. That’s our job. And I’ve loved it.

But after seven years, September 15th will be my last day at Microsoft.

I’ve been pursuing writing (that is, of fiction) as a hobby for many years now. But I can’t succeed unless I leave the test environment and try it out in the real world. I’m lucky enough to have found people that believe in me enough to support me while I work on a number of different creative projects. So… time to roll the writing career into production, as terrifying as it is.

I wish you all the very best of luck in taking your own dreams out of development.

Thanks for all the memories,


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3 thoughts on “Changing horizons (or: My imminent departure)”

  1. Very nicely put!

    Only 9 more days! If we count today as ‘worked, there’s only 7 more days of work left. Which, as I can recently recall, is both short and very, very long. But this, too, shall pass.

    7 years, wow. The longest I’ve been at one job is 3 and a quarter – and I just quit that one! (But I plan on staying at imdb for a good long haul.)

  2. Your farewell letter to your colleagues is but a small indication of what a good writer you are. I have no doubt you will succeed in realizing your dreams!

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